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Digital Electronics
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Control your Meccano models (or anything else) from your Windows PC!
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Read articleThe 555 Timer

Our series of articles about the versatile 555 IC starts with some background information about the chip.
Read articleThe 555 Astable Circuit

The second part of our series on the 555 shows how an astable circuit can be used to flash lamps, give intermittent motion to a motor, and as a clock signal for your digital circuits.
Read articleThe 555 Monostable Circuit

Our series on the 555 continues with a description of the monostable circuit which can be used to create a 'push to operate' system for your model.
Read articleThe 555 Bistable Circuit

The final part of our series on the 555 discusses the bistable circuit which could be used in an auto-reverse system for a model railway.

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