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Electronics in Meccano Topics
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Controlling Motors

Discover the methods you can use to control motors in your models.
Analogue Electronics

Analogue circuits are those that process continuously variable voltage or currents, for example, those that create or alter sounds.  You will also find power supply circuits included in this category.
Digital Electronics

Digital circuits process only two discrete voltage levels.  In this category you will find timing circuits and 'intelligent' circuits such as counters and decoders used to produce digital displays.
Components Explained

A reference to components commonly used in electronic circuits, such as resistors and capacitors.  Find out what they look like, what they do, what their circuit symbol is, and tips on how to use them.
Practical Matters

Learn how to actually build circuits with this guide to tools, soldering, and techniques.
Model Studies

Here you will find reports from Meccano modellers who have used electronics in their models.

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