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Controlling Motors
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Control your Meccano models (or anything else) from your Windows PC!
Take a look at my new MECControl project at

Read articleMeccanisms MotorVator

Advertisement Feature - Andrew Wells describes a programmable electronic controller which can also operate independently.
Read articleMotor Reversing Switches

How to wire up a simple forward/off/reverse switch to control a single motor.
Read articlePulse Width Modulation

Michael Adler explains the principles of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and describes a PWM circuit created using two 555 ICs.
Read articleRotary Switch Motor Controllers

John Hewes describes 2-speed and a 4-speed forward/reverse motor controllers built around rotary switches.
Read articleSimple Motor Control from AC

Stan Leech explains a very simple way of running a DC motor from an AC power supply.
Read articleDarlington Pair Speed Control

Control the speed of a high power motor using a standard variable resistor and two transistors.
Read articleAnother Darlington Pair Speed Control

Here is a Darlington Pair Speed Control which reduces the voltage loss to 0.7V by employing a PNP transistor.

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