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Model Studies
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Control your Meccano models (or anything else) from your Windows PC!
Take a look at my new MECControl project at

Read articleA Cliff Lift

Gilbert Ghyselbrecht has used a microprocessor and slotted opto switches to bring precise, automatic control to his model.
Read articleHorizontal Electric Engine

Unlike most steam engine models, Gilbert Ghyselbrecht's uses an electric piston for a better simulation of the real machine!
Read articleRemote Controlled Locomotive

Discover how Bryan Jones added infra-red speed and directional control to his 'DSG' class loco using a modified stereo remote.
Read articleThe Chocolate Vending Machine

This model vending machine uses a simple latching-relay system to dispense a selection of chocolates.
Read articleThe Meccano Relay Board

Gilbert Ghyselbrecht introduces his Meccano Relay Board and explains how it can be used with some example Meccano mechanisms.

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