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The following links give you access to the datasheets for all the ICs that are discussed on both this and the old Electronics in Meccano websites.

The datasheets are in PDF format, so to read them you will need the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe.  You can download this from if you don't already have it.

A good online resource for finding other datasheets is available at

Datasheets 4001 4x NOR Gate IC - (291kb)
4011 4x NAND Gate IC - (288kb)
4017 Decoder IC - (282kb)
4029 Counter IC - (296kb)
4069 6x NOT Gate IC - (297kb)
4070 4x XOR Gate IC - (274kb)
4071 4x OR Gate IC - (282kb)
4081 4x AND Gate IC - (272kb)
4511 Decoder IC - (330kb)
4514 Decoder IC - (262kb)
4518 Decoder IC - (323kb)
4520 Counter IC - (323kb)
555 Timer IC - (141kb)
556 Timer IC - (140kb)
78Lxx Series Regulator ICs - (199kb)
78xx Series Regulator ICs - (148kb)
78Mxx Series Regulator ICs - (311kb)
AM Receiver Module - (68kb)
AM Transmitter Module - (60kb)
HT12D Decoder IC - (326kb)
HT12E Encoder IC - (927kb)
M66T Melody Generator IC - (50kb)
SAA1027 Stepper Motor Driver IC - (155kb)
UM3561 Sound Effect Generator IC - (213kb)

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