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Electronics in Meccano - Hands-On!
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Your chance to try electronics!

Electronics in Meccano Hands-On! gives you the chance to have a go at building your own electronic circuit with guidance from the Electronics in Meccano team.

The sessions consist of a half-hour lecture introducing you to some electronics concepts, the 555 timer IC, and the practical aspects of constructing your circuits.  After the lecture you will be able to build your own 555 Monostable Circuit on a printed circuit board, thereby learning how to solder and identify components.

Our first session on 14th June 2003 was a great success, with several members of the West London Meccano Society attending the lecture and 12 members taking part in the Hands-On session.

If you attended the lecture, you may be interested in keeping the lecture presentation slides for reference - these can be downloaded from the link below.

Downloads EiM Hands-On! Presentation - Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 format (1.2Mb)
Event Details

No further sessions are being planned at present, but if your club is interested in running Electronics in Meccano Hands-On! at one of your meetings or exhibitions, please contact the Editor:

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WLMS Hands-On session, 14th June 2003 (Click to enlarge)

WLMS Hands-On session, 14th June 2003 (Click to enlarge)