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Analogue Electronics
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Control your Meccano models (or anything else) from your Windows PC!
Take a look at my new MECControl project at

Read articleAdding Sound to your Models

Find out how you can use sound generator ICs to create special sound effects for your models.
Read articleBuilding a Power Supply

In part 1 of this series we look at the building blocks of a power supply system and explain the terms AC and DC.
Read articleThe Transformer

Part 2 of our power supply series briefly describes the principles of the transformer.
Read articleThe Rectifier

Find out how to build a half or full-wave rectifier for your power supply in the third part of our power supply series.
Read articleSmoothing

A single capacitor provides near-DC in part 4 of our power supply series.
Read articleThe Regulator

In the final part of our power supply series, we look at voltage regulators which produce a true DC supply.

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