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Welcome to the Circuits Shop!

The Electronics in Meccano Circuits Shop gives you access to the entire Rapid Electronics catalogue. In addition to the essential components and tools you'll need as an electronics hobbyist, Rapid stock a wide range of electrical items for your home, car, computer and elsewhere.

Purchasing your parts from Rapid's website via the Circuits Shop lets you support our website and does not affect the price you pay them!

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   Art & Design
   Audio Visual
   Cables & Connectors
   Design & Technology
   Education Supplies
   Electrical & Power
   Electronic Components
   Maths, Humanities & PE
   Mechanical Fastenings & Fixings
   Music & Drama
   Office & IT
   Stationery Supplies
   Test & Measurement
   Tools & Equipment

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The Electronics in Meccano Circuits Shop is an affiliate of Rapid Electronics, and any purchases you make help support this website without affecting the price you pay! Any enquiries regarding products or order status should be directed to Rapid Electronics at

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