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Gel Filled Enclosures

The Circuits Shop Enclosures Gel Filled Enclosures

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PASCAL6MP Mini Gel Cover Pascal 38 x 30 x 26 IPX8

 PASCAL6MP Mini Gel Cover Pascal 38 x 30 x 26 IPX8

Raytech's Pascal Gel Box Line clear junction box is pre-filled with gel for sealing, protecting and making safe electrical connections.

Wired connectors can be simply placed inside the box which snaps shut to create an IP8X seal.

  • Ideal for home and industrial connections
  • Can be used submerged
  • Non-toxic
  • No shelf life - ready for use
  • Versatile - fits many commonly used connectors
  • Dimensions 38 x 30 x 26mm
  • Raytech type: Pascal6MP

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