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Light Switches & Sensors

The Circuits Shop Control & Automation Light Switches & Sensors

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Finder Twilight Switch Compact Design 230V/50-60 Hz SPST-NO Twilight Switch Compact Design 230V/50-60 Hz SPST-NO

This Light Dependent Relay (Twilight Switch) is from the Finder 10 Series. It is used for the automatic control of lighting according to the ambient light level. The integral light sensor is for mounting on a street light body.

  • Ambient temperature: -30°C to +70°C
  • Contact material: AgSnO²
  • Contact type: SPST-NO
  • Operating voltage: 230V/50-60Hz
  • Protection type: IP54
  • Sensitivity: (Fixed) 10lx
  • Switch-on current: (< 5ms) Max 120A
  • Switching current: 16 A
  • Manufacturer's part: Finder



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Finder Digital Time/Astro-Switch 16A 1 CO (SPDT) Digital Time/Astro-Switch 16A 1 CO (SPDT)

The Digital Time/Astro-Switch (Finder is rated at 230VAC, 16A. The 1 CO (SPDT) has an Astro program for the calculation of sunrise and sunset times through to date, time and location coordinates. The location coordinates are easily settable for most European countries through their post codes. An offset function allows programming of switching times offset from the astronomical time. The switch has a back-lit display and an internal battery for set-up and programming, without being connected to the mains power supply. The back-up battery is easily replaceable from the front of the unit. This is for mounting on 35mm DIN rail.

  • Astro /Digital time switch
  • 1 CO (SPDT)
  • 35mm rail (EN 60715) mount
  • Internal battery for set-up without supply
  • Automatic adjustment for daylight saving
  • Min. power reserve: 6 years
  • Protection type: IP20
  • Switching capacity: (AC1) 16 A/250V AC
  • Switching current: 16A
  • Switching voltage: 250V AC
  • Manufacturer's part: Finder



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