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Control Systems Fuses

The Circuits Shop Control & Automation Control Systems Fuses

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3NA3822 NH Fuse Link 500 V length 000 63 A

 3NA3822 NH Fuse Link 500 V length 000 63 A

The Siemens 3NA3822 is a NH Fuse Link from the LV HRC Series. This 63A link is rated at 500V and is ideal for use in installation systems in non-residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as in switchgear assemblies of power utilities. The link is supplied in size 000, and can be used in LV HRC fuse bases, LV HRC fuse switch disconnectors, LV HRC fuse strips as well as LV HRC in-line fuse switch disconnectors of size 00.

  • Fuse size: 000
  • Blade length: 78mm
  • Switching contact: Non-corroding Silver Plated
  • Mounting type: Non-insulated grip lugs
  • Operating class: gG
  • Nominal voltage: 500V AC, 250V DC
  • Nominal current: 63A
  • Weight: 131
  • Brand Name: Sentron
  • Fuse type: NH
  • Type: LV HRC Fuse Link
  • Manufacturer's part: Siemens 3NA3822



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5SH4163 Screw Cap D02 with Test Hole

 5SH4163 Screw Cap D02 with Test Hole

The Siemens 5SH4163 Fuse Cap is supplied in DO2 Size, and has been designed for the NEOZED Fuse System. The fuse cap has a blown fuse indicator which is visible through the screw cap when mounted. The screw cap is ideal for single and three pole fuse bases.

  • Material: Moulded plastic
  • Fuse size: D02
  • Number of poles: 3
  • Operating voltage: 400V AC
  • Power rating: 63A
  • Dimensions: 24.5(L) x 23mm (cap width)
  • Type: Neozed Fuse Cap D02 with verifier hole
  • Manufacturer part: Siemens 5SH4163



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