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Pallet Protection

The Circuits Shop Facilities Warehouse Identification Pallet Protection

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Pallet Topper 150 x 170 x 170mm - Pack Of 100

 Pallet Topper 150 x 170 x 170mm - Pack Of 100

If you transport a fragile palletised load from one destination to another you have to hope the contents are not crushed or damaged by having another pallet loaded on top. Pallet Topper from Beaverswood should ensure a safe journey. This pyramid-shaped warning sign is designed to sit on top of a pallet highlighting the fact other pallets must not be stacked on top of your consignment. Thanks to its clever design, Pallet Topper can be firmly secured to the strapping either during or after despatch. Where a pallet is covered in clear wrap, the pallet topper can be wrapped inside the film but remains highly visible. Pallet Topper is printed with red and green graphic illustrations, without text, so the warning message can be easily understood wherever in the world it is.

  • Helps reduce damage by preventing double stacking
  • Can be used with either shrink wrap or strapping
  • Highly visible printed graphics
  • Made from pre-creased cardboard - easily folded and slotted together
  • Size 150 x 170 x 170mm
  • Supplied in packs of 100
  • Manufacturer's part SKS/100



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