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90 X 60cm Magirail Magnetic Coated Steel Whiteboard

90 X 60cm Magirail Magnetic Coated Steel Whiteboard

A 90 x 60cm Magirail Magnetic Coated Steel Whiteboard that has been manufactured from coated steel which accepts magnetic accessories.

The is supplied with a set of brackets (2x top and 2x feet) that are suitable to be fitted into both the top or bottom track channels. The Magirail system allows for 3 whiteboards to be fitted in front of each other. The back board is fitted to the wall (these boards can be found in the whiteboards section) and the front two boards are both attached to the rail.

Each board is supplied with a set of brackets suitable for fixing to the middle or top channel. Should you wish to have a triple board system, it will be necessary to buy the accessory TZZS02 (order code 34-0246) which is a front clearance bracket set and allows two boards of equal size to glide over each other.

There is also a special bracket for use over an interactive board. (TZZS03 (order code 34-0247)).

Each board is supplied with full instructions on how they should be fitted.

  • Code: TC1S02
  • Surface: Coated Steel
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Sides: Single sided
  • Accepts magnetic accessories
  • Supplied size 90x 60cm
Please note that the Magirail is available separately and is not included with this product.



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