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Science bundles

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Biology Organs Model Bundle

Biology Organs Model Bundle

This money-saving biology model bundle provides a convenient way to buy three popular organ models.

Bundle contains one each of:




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Dissection Value Bundle

Dissection Value Bundle

This money-saving dissection value bundle provides a convenient way to buy 4 pieces of popular dissection equipment for your biology lab.

Bundle contains:




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MTST5 Laboratory Retort Stand Set

 MTST5 Laboratory Retort Stand Set

This laboratory retort stand set from Eisco is made from high quality materials for a long service life and is an essential piece equipment for all science labs in schools, factories and research units.

The set consists of a heavy 200 x 125mm retort stand base, 600mm stainless steel rod, 75mm retort ring and 3-prong clamp. It is suitable for holding and supporting a wide variety of laboratory equipment used in physics and chemistry, including filtration, measurement, chemical experiments, etc.

  • Stand set includes:
  • Base 200 x 125mm, 1200g (CH0649B)
  • Rod 600mm (CH0657B)
  • Retort ring 75mm O.D. with boss-head (CH0627B)
  • Clamp - three prong with boss-head (CH0688)
  • Retort ring:
  • Plated mild steel with 8mm diameter stem
  • Fitted boss-head with thumb-screw to accept rods from 8mm to 12.5mm dia.
  • Distance from centre of support to centre of ring: 140mm
  • ID of ring 75mm
  • Clamp:
  • 3-prong universal retort clamp with built-in boss-head
  • 210mm overall length
  • Jaws open up to 90mm wide
  • Distance from centre of support to centre of jaws (reach): 155mm
  • Reach adjustable with thumbscrew
  • Commonly used to hold irregularly shaped items
  • Provides a firm grip to most commonly used glassware items in the lab



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