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433MHz Modules

The Circuits Shop Wireless Systems 433MHz Modules

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ERIC4 Easyradio Transceiver Module eRic 402/407MHZ

 ERIC4 Easyradio Transceiver Module eRic 402/407MHZ

This eRic4 easyRadio transceiver module 402/407MHZ from LPRS is an easyRadio Intelligent Controller (eRIC) radio transceiver module based on the Texas Instruments CC430F5137 "system-on-chip" device. The device provides an intelligent radio sub-system that combines a high performance RF transceiver, RF band pass filters (BPF), an MSP430 microcontroller, 32Kb flash memory, non-volatile flash storage, temperature sensor and a low drop voltage regulator.

The eRic4 operates on the international licence exempt Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) radio bands, thus extending the proven easyRadio product line by offering a low cost RF transceiver intended for high volume applications. The compact form factor, surface mount packaging and external antenna connector simplify product design and manufacture and provide for flexible placement of the module within an end product.

  • Suitable for UK and Europe
  • Default ‘easyRadio' protocol embedded - Simple serial data in/data out user interface and configuration
  • ISM frequency bands - 433MHz (UK and Europe)
  • Radio approvals - Meets ETSI (Europe) requirements
  • Small 15 x 20 x 2.2mm surface mount device (SMD)
  • Low power operation capable - Battery powered application
  • eROS operating system and application partitions - Can eliminate need for external application processor
  • Configurable and programmable user I/O - Minimises external hardware requirements for custom applications
  • AES 128 bit data encryption - Secure communications
  • Built-in temperature sensor - Environment monitor
  • Manufacturer's part ERIC4



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Quasar UK
QAM-TX2-433 Miniature AM Transmitter Module

 QAM-TX2-433 Miniature AM Transmitter Module

Quasar QAM-TX2 AM transmitter module which can be used to communicate data at up to 3KHz between CMOS/TTL devices. Very simple to operate, this module offers low current consumption, allowing for extended battery life when used in mobile applications. Applications include wireless security systems, remote gate controls, remote sensing, data capture and garage door controllers.

  • Complete RF transmitter
  • Range Up To 50m
  • CMOS / TTL input
  • No adjustable components
  • Very stable operating frequency
  • Low current consumption (Typ 11mA)
  • Operating voltage 3 to 12V
  • ASK modulation



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RF Solutions
FM-RTFQ2C-433P SIL FM Transmitter Module 433 MHz

 FM-RTFQ2C-433P SIL FM Transmitter Module 433 MHz

This miniature SIL RF transmitter module provides part of a cost-effective, high performance FM radio data link operating at 433.92MHz. Manufactured using laser-trimmed processes on thick-film ceramic substrates, the hybrid module exhibits extremely stable characteristics over an industrial temperature range. The hybrid technology uses no adjustable components ensuring very reliable operation.

A transmitter and receiver pair enables the simple implementation of a data link operating at distances up to 75 metres indoors and 250 metres in open ground. These modules will suit one-to-one and multi-node wireless links in applications including car and building security, EPOS and inventory tracking, remote industrial process monitoring and computer networking.

Because of their small size and low power requirement these modules are ideal for use in portable, battery-powered applications such as hand-held terminals.

  • Applications include:
  • Car alarms
  • Wireless security systems
  • Remote gate controls
  • Remote sensing
  • RF Solutions type FM-RTFQ2C-433P



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