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Electronics Links
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Bowden's Hobby Circuits

A wide choice of circuits split into categories such as Digital/Computer, Analogue, Telephone, LED, and Power.

Electronics Tutorials

Wayne Storr's excellent website provides lots of articles on electronics theory specially crafted for students studying electronics at GCSE and A-Level.


Tomi Engdahl's site includes hundreds of links to other electronics and computer related websites.  There are several ways to search through the links.

Everyday Practical Electronics

One of the main UK electronics magazines, EPE is published monthly and includes articles on most electronics subjects relevant to the hobbyist, an emphasis on education, and numerous adverts for component and project suppliers.

Electronics Club

This website is run by John Hewes who is the author of several Electronics in Meccano articles and ran the Kelsey Park School Electronics Club which I used to belong to. There are some excellent circuits on the Projects page and a guide to components.


One of my other projects, MECControl is a system which will allow you to control your Meccano models (or anything else) from your Windows PC. Connect your Meccanoid devices, motors, LEDs and more to an Arduino/Genuino Uno, then control your devices directly via the USB serial port, using your own software, or use an intuitive language to control your devices from your Windows PC.

Makes custom printed circuit boards with components completely via the Internet. Includes free software for PCB design and online pricing. Offers convenience and low cost.

Sir-kit Electronics

Home study kits, at pocket money prices, to help people studying for GCSE Electronics, Technology or Physics exams, and those new to the hobby of electronics.


VeeCAD is a piece of software which helps you design error-free circuits on stripboard from your original circuit diagram, imported as a netlist from a schematic editor.

Got a good electronics link for this page?  Please let me know...

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