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converting low voltage AC to variable DC
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converting low voltage AC to variable DC

I live in the USA and I was wanting to know about converting AC voltage to DC voltage with LIONEL electric trains. I want to convert the variable AC voltage (0-18) to variable DC voltage for lights, LEDs and some operating accessories. My signal lights that are controlled by insulated rail sections need to be converted to DC voltage that is the variable. and I was wanting to know if a simple 4 diode circit would suffice, or should there be other components such as resistors? Thanks, any help? Thanks.

Posted by lioneltrains on 29/12/2009, at 11:01 GMT

LV AC to variable DC

You may be interested in 2 books by Bernard Babani (publishing)Ltd, they are Power Supply Projects by R.A. Penfold ref.BP76 ISBN 0 900162 96 1 and 50 Projects Using Relays, SCR's & Triacs by F.G. Rayer ref. BP37 ISBN 0 85934 040 6.

Posted by varient4121 on 12/03/2010, at 15:44 GMT

Low voltage AC to variable DC

A 3rd book to add to the suggestions is Practical Electronic Model Railway Projects by R.A. Penfold ISBN 0-85934-384-7. A 4th book is IC 555 Projects by E.A. Parr ISBN 0-85934-047-3.

Posted by Robert Neill ( on 02/02/2011, at 20:30 GMT

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