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Connecting relay
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Connecting relay


I have a blue relay marked "srs 06vdc sl". It has 6 connectors, 4 close to each other and 2 on the other side.

How do I connect this? I have a circuit from a book that works using a phototransistor. If I put a light on the light gets brighter when the external light gets darker. I want to activate a 6v motor instead of the light so I thought a relay would be best.

Pls help.

Posted by jimkirk on 22/06/2008, at 17:30 GMT

Connecting Relay

I think that the 2 separated connections are to the coil of the relay in question. You can possibly test with a multimeter on the resistance range. Expect reading of coil resistance to be about 45 ohms or greater. Do not forget the normally reverse biased diode across the relay coil because of the high reverse transient voltage generated when operating the relay (given in notes on relays).

Posted by Robert Neill ( on 25/01/2010, at 09:58 GMT

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